Game of the Week: Ice Age Village

Ice Age is here! Will you survive it? Join Manny, Ellie, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the gang as they try to save all the animals from extinction! Download now for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Ice Age Village | Gameloft Philippines



The Game

Scrat was looking for a place to store his acorns when he made a crack on one of the ice caps causing the earth’s crust to break apart. All the animals have lost their homes! Manny, Ellie, Sid, and Diego decide to rebuild the village. Help them start from scratch in order to have a safe place for all the animals once again!

Ice Age Village | Gameloft PhilippinesBuild a home for each of the animals and their families. Look! The beaver family is hungry. Time to feed ’em!

Ice Age Village | Gameloft PhilippinesScrat’s Nook is a neighboring village on the other side of the ice cap.

Ice Age Village | Gameloft PhilippinesPlay an exciting mini-game: Piranhas are trying to get to Scrat’s acorns! Hit as many piranhas as possible and get rewards which you can spend for your village.

Ice Age Village | Gameloft PhilippinesYou can also add your friends to be your neighbors. Visit them and show some <3



Oh, and did we tell you that the game is free to download? Click on the badges below to get the Ice Age Village app now for free.


By the way, you can also create extra buildings such as a Mud Spa, an Ice Diving Pool, or a Movie Theater. Once you build a theater, you can watch a fun movie called Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up. 😉

Enjoy and have fun creating your own Ice Age Village!

  • Maria

    Why do I get a quest where I’m supposed to feed the animals even though the red apple doesn’t appear?

  • Andrei

    I cant find scrat nook anywhere on my page , only can visit other towns , or my town , nothing else , and i dont have any friends to add , so how can i find scrat nook?

  • Ross

    @Maria You can only feed them after a certain amount of time. Once the time&apos;s up, you can collect gold then feed them and complete the quest 😀 It varies per animal/family but you&apos;ll see the countdown timer at the bottom left if you click the animal/family for more info 😀

    @Andrei What device are you using? If Scrat&apos;s Nook has not yet appeared from the Friends option, go to the quest itself and hit "Go There" and you&apos;ll be instructed to go to Scrat&apos;s Nook. If not, you can also contact and they will help you to fix it! 😀 Have fun!

  • jordan henley

    hello i am playing the game on a samsung galaxy mini, and i can invite friends, view friends but not go to scrats nook, how do i do it?! please help thanks

  • Thomas

    Have the same problem bout Scrat&apos;s Hook.
    "Go there" won&apos;t help you go there…

  • Thomas

    Nook* Hahaha

  • Baz

    I have the same problem with Scrats Nook…using &apos;Go there&apos; doesnt work either

  • Undead

    same problem on galaxy mini with scrat nook , not there

  • Dex

    Scrat&apos;s Nook.. Same here..

  • Ross

    Hello all! Looks like the Scrat&apos;s Nook thing is a common problem. I was actually able to go to Scrat&apos;s Nook by going to the "go there" thing in the quests. I&apos;m using a Galaxy S2. (Here&apos;s a screen haha:
    I&apos;m sure somebody already reported this to customer support but I sent them an email nonetheless to speed things up. Thanks for your feedback guys! I hope we could get a proper fix for all devices in the next update 😀

  • Thiago

    I have the same problem with scrats … someone solve this ?

  • onur

    same problem with scrats nook

  • afro

    any news for scrats nook?! i cant find it anywhere :((

  • jacqui

    I&apos;m having the Scrats Nook problem too on my I-phone 4S :-(

  • anoniem

    I can’t find scrat’s nook?

  • naksu

    looks like i&apos;m not the only one that has problems finding scrat&apos;s nook.. i&apos;ve got the game on my htc wildfire s

  • iborcsa

    Im joining to the group with the problem of scrat&apos;s nook… I have galaxy ace. I hope there will be an update soon and our problem will be solved… :((

  • http://facebook Marc Henderson

    Hi there I live this app all bar scratch’s mini-game were you need to hit as many piranha’s as possible to recive gifts such as animals. Now my problem is that I get 34 every time with average of 5hit combo’s and after all I get is a skimpy 50 coins why is this anyone ??

  • tammy

    same problem cant go to scrats nook..on a gravity

  • Diane

    I can&apos;t seem to complete the challenge of Keeping Up With the Joneses. I have 2/2 for Like a neighbor&apos;s village but no matter how many villages I go to, I have continue to have only 0/2 for Visit a neighbor&apos;s village. How do I get this completed?

  • rawn

    same issue with scrat&apos;s nook, i&apos;m using Sony Ericsson Mini Pro

  • buzz

    ı’ve got the game on my galaxy ace but I have the same problem with Scrats Nook…using ‘Go there’ doesnt work either

  • Jozey

    I have galaxy gio and have a problem too in finding Scrat&apos;s nook. But my friend who has a galaxy s+ doesn&apos;t have the problem. So maybe the Nook&apos;s to be found only in galaxy S&apos;. It slows down on completing the tasks so looking forwards for it to work.

  • Air

    Same Diane, I can&apos;t visit neighbor&apos;s village. help me pls. thanks.

  • Viki

    i need some neightbords :)
    please i need some friends 😀

  • Viki

    i need some friends for this game :) please write me on 😉

  • Undead

    Since today i`m getting another error , along the scrat nook , when i try to visit a neighbour i`m asked to update the game , once i do it , i get the same error all over again and again . P,S : samsung galaxy mini is my phone

  • DAnny Rackley

    i cant find scrats nook on galaxy mini!!!

  • Master22431

    I can&apos;t find scrat&apos;s nook ,too. Does anybody now why?

  • Undead

    piranha collection reward vanished , and i had 30 acorns for 2 babies now on weekend promotion….cant manage to get my pirahnia back damn bug pls fix :<

  • SP

    Got the same issue as Undead: When i try to visit a neighbour i`m asked to update the game , once i do it , i get the same error all over again and again.
    Also, one of the quests requires getting a rating of 4/5 hearts. Everytime I &apos;like" someone else&apos;s village or even Scrat&apos;s nook&apos; it tells me that I earn a heart myself for liking. but the rating stays right where it was.
    Using a Galaxy Note!

  • SP

    PS: I still don&apos;t get the logic behind allocation of rewards for Kung Fu Scrat! My highest points earned me 50 coins and once less points and a couple of misses earned me the special reward on display, but that was just once, mostly its just 50 coins or rarely 1000 coins but no acorns.

  • Julian

    There is a quest where I have to visit 2 neighbours&apos; villages and like 2 neighbours&apos; villages. I went to visit another village twice and liked them both, so the liking went up but since then I have gone to dozens of other villages and the &apos;visit 2 neighbours&apos; villages&apos; never goes up. How do i do this?

  • Bourassa

    we need friends on ice age village. having problems completeing the quest visit two neighbors and like 2 neighbors. also havin trouble with scrats mini kung fu game. not gettin the reward it says??? odd… anyway our gameloft name is babyfacenorm … :)))) add us to have neighbors! :) thanks

  • http://googleplay vince

    I have been playing this game for a month, I have spent a lot of time and money on it too. Now when I try to play it will not go past the loading screen. I am just wondering, is this a scam to get peoples money? I have seen where a lot of people are having the same problem. Is there any way to fix it and not lose my game data? Can u please help? Thanks

  • supertikang

    why can&apos;t i be able to have neighbors? or visit other friend&apos;s villages? I&apos;m using it on a Galaxy Note. I tried logging in at gameloft live but i still had thge same problems.

  • oksana

    No visit neighbour function is possible. So annoying.

  • Henna

    I can&apos;t complete the quest &apos;to find scrat either in my village scrat&apos;s nook village. I didn&apos;t c it in my village. Is there any hint?

  • Krystal

    I have been playing Ice Age: Lost Village on my Kindle Fire for a couple of months now and I have tried everything I can think of to add friends on it. Can someone please help me.

  • tammy

    The game looks so fun but even looking up info on adding neighbors to the game all I get is other people asking the same question. Once I finally figured out how to add friends I can not connect them to any of the games I am playing… no answers only other people asking this very famous question… come on Gameloft get with the program… should it really be that difficult to add neighbors… tell us how to do it and make it easier. Once you add a friend they should connect to all games we have in common. So please answer the questions… how do we get friends on gameloft connected as neighbors in the games?

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  • Kash

    I am able to visit scrat&apos;s nook and take a look on his village but there s a move wen i have to "Find scrat in a friend&apos;s village." where i can find this bloody scrat..??
    any fix on this???

  • Prakharsmarter


  • Sanam

    does ice agde work with Symbian? All the options that i&apos;m getting are for Android. Is it an Android exclusive game?

  • Markyut

    Hi there. My village was replaced by someone else&apos;s village. I spent a lot of time and effort on your game and its been a month since the problem happened. My girlfriend plays this game too but a few days ago hers was replaced by scratt&apos;s village. Please fix this problem immediately because a lot of people have the same problem as ours and this will not help you gain anymore loyal customers.

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  • Holvoetje

    I can&apos;t see any text in the textballoons and the buttons…
    Also when i play the Scrats minigame, i don"t see the numbers on the clock or even the number of piranha&apos;s i kicked.

    Anyone know whats wrong or how to fix this???

  • willem

    i&apos;m having the same problem as Holvoetje (I can’t see any text in the textballoons and the buttons…
    Also when i play the Scrats minigame, i don"t see the numbers on the clock or even the number of piranha’s i kicked.)

    anybody got a solution ?

  • Malin

    seriously! How to LIKE a neighbors village???

  • willem

    holvoetje, you have got to go to settings then go to the second option from above, then go to the third option from above then you can select the language you like. If you choose english you can see the text boxes. good luck.

  • Rachie

    How do I like someones village?!?

  • Marjan

    Log out and in on gameloft to like neighbours! Options, settings, connect, gameloft, log out, log in, YES!

  • laura

    i have to quests which i just can&apos;t complete – like a friends&apos;s village and like a neighbor&apos;s village. i have liked loads of them and received many hearts but somehow i still have 0/5 and 0/2 for both tasks. what am i doing wrong??

    thank you

  • Mette

    Same problem – Samsung Gal Tab 10.1 – can add friends, fiend Scratch but cant give hearts (could before) and the ones I have given before is not registred in quest progress. Please help!

  • rdluthar

    How the heck do you like a neighbors village? i have 2 quests for this and i click on the heart in a friends village but my quests dont seem to accept that. am i doing something wrong? Also, im assuming your friends are your neighbors? or do you have to request them to be neighbors? thanks!!

  • Sally

    How in the world do I like a neighbors village? It won&apos;t be long before I end up quitting this game. Need help.

  • Haa

    I can&apos;t finish my quests because I can&apos;t like other villages. I can click on the heart, but it&apos;s not the same as liking, it won&apos;t accept it… :/

  • NoName

    I Have A Quest To Get 5/5 Likes On Friends Village, But No Matter How Many Times I Like It, It Still Shows 0/5 Likes. I Need Help.

  • Jo

    Same problem with likes… :/ looks like this game has loads of mistakes:/ hopefully they&apos;re gonna be fixed soon… As I can&apos;t progress without fulfiling the quest:/

  • Andrea

    I can&apos;t like someone else&apos;s village, is it the heart, because that doesn&apos;t work, please help xx

  • Ali

    Log in to gameloft or Facebook thru settings and it will let you like neighbours and friends villages….

  • Riya

    Hie all ….. I have a problem with scrat nook village ….I can&apos;t click on the heart in his village ….it doesn&apos;t accept it !!!! Help plzz …I have quests pending

  • Riya

    And I have iPad 3

  • Lindsay

    Logged on to Facebook as Ali has suggested to allow me to like a neighbours village however it doesn&apos;t show the bars doing it this way!! Please solve these issues as clearly there are a lot of frustrated people!!

  • mike

    hope it gets fixed soon, its only been like this since the begining of the game being released…. so annoying!

  • june

    I also cannot complete the quest of either &apos;like your friends&apos; villages or like your neighbours&apos; villages"
    how the heck to complete this?
    the customer support&apos;s answer doesn&apos;t help either. seems like useless

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  • Becky

    I play Ice Age Village on my Kindle Fire. I am on level 57 and now everything is so slow. I was recenly asked to upgrade to more MB and I did. What is wrong?

  • Katie

    im having trouble since i updated n now it wont work on my nook i try redownloading it but still it not working can someone help me please thankz

  • carrie

    How do you ‘like’ a neighbor’s village?

  • Kim

    Hi. I&apos;m having an issue completing the 25 likes of other villages because the tally isn&apos;t increasing beyond 15. Sometimes the 15 disappear and then return on restarting the game. Anyone have any leads on a fix?

  • Zark

    Where is the saber toothed squirrel in scrat&apos;s nook ?? I can&apos;t find it for the life of me

  • Marc Krug

    Worked fine on my Nook tablet for my daughter until I mistakenly downloaded the update (Through B & N site). Now it crashes on startup

  • Jack

    Has anyone found the fix yet for the crash problem that Marc reported on 1/27? have a Nook and after the update, it will no longer load.

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  • http://ubunti kath cutbush

    Please tell me why I cannot go to do my quests I cannot conect to my friends I am about pulling my hair, I CANNOT get to see my quests so please help me out

  • Fafe

    My movie theater don&apos;t work

  • Jeanne Lochner

    I can&apos;t visit other villages. Restarting game or shutting off my nook doesn&apos;t help to connect to the internet. This is the 4th time I have uninstalled the game because something always seems to not be working correctly. HELP!!

  • game cracks

    I still think frogger is the best arcade game of all time.

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